Since 2002 I have helped over 2,000 people to successfully...
* Define, and then find, their ideal job
* Create a compelling CV to get an interview/networking meeting
* Hold a perfect Interview to get the job

Ideal Job

What makes a job ideal for you will depend on a whole range of factors and needs that are unique to you - what you like to do, what motivates you, what you believe in and how you like and want to work. We can then factor in what skills, experience and industry sector knowledge you have, or want to develop, to identify (using my unique "Ideal Job Matrix") your ideal roles.  

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Ideal CV
Create an Ideal CV that will get you that interview or networking meeting. Do this by enabling the reader to answer within 15 seconds of looking at your CV the 2 following questions:

1. Why you want to do the job

2. Prove that you can do the job

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Ideal Interview
Answer the four things every interviewer wants to know about you:

1. Why do you want to do the job?

2. Do you understand the job that needs to be done?

3. Can you do the job?

4. Do I like you/trust you/will you fit in? 

But that's not enough to guarantee a job offer. You also need to understand the psychology of interviews to avoid the creation of negative bias leading to your rejection.

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