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So, you know what your ideal job is, or at the very least, you know what your next job will ideally be. Once you've found a suitable opportunity you need to put together a great CV that crisply and concisely articulates your skills and experiences to your future employers in a way that demonstrates that you understand the job that needs to be done, that you fit in with their company culture and that you have the experience and the skills to succeed in the new role.

Please don't be fooled into thinking that you can send off your old CV or something that you quickly cobble together and hope that the employer will be able to see through it to the real you!

Remember, a CV is a promotional document, not just an information sheet. It must grasp the reader's eye within 30 seconds, as this is usually all the time people give to reading a CV. Your CV should be relevant to the position for which you are applying, which means that ideally you will produce a new version of your CV for each job that you apply for.

The Create Your Ideal CV Programme has been formulated to provide you with a CV that does all this.

How It Works
Step 1:
You complete a unique questionnaire I have developed to extract the key information required to put together an ideal CV. You send this back to me along with any CV you might already have.

Step 2:
With the information you have given me, I create an ideal CV for you, usually within 1-2 working days and email it back to you as a Word document. That's it!

The Cost
The cost for all of this is 150, not much of an investment if you're serious about getting your ideal job is it?

All usual credit and debit cards are accepted.

How To Get Started
If you think you would now like to Create Your Ideal CV, your next step is to contact me to arrange a free, no obligation, initial consultation. You can contact me by email by clicking here or you can call me on 01379 873 561.

In your 40-minute trial telephone session, you will receive the key knowledge and tools required to make a CV that will get you that interview. So I can prepare effectively for your free initial consultation, I do ask that you spend 30-minutes filling out a pre-session questionnaire that I will send to you on agreeing our session date and time. Thanks!

If you're still not sure you'd like a free, no obligation, initial consultation, why don't you just complete the boxes below to receive my free report entitled "Top 5 Tips for a Great CV."

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