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What's My Ideal Job?
Imagine knowing what your ideal job is - work that fits with your skills and motivations as well as the way you want to live your life. As an ex-Headhunter, MBA Graduate, experienced Executive/Business Coach and Certified NLP Coach, I have used all my skills to develop a foolproof two-part process that has helped hundreds of clients over the past 10 years to work out and then get (via CV Writing and Interview Skills training) their ideal job. Here's how it works:

Part 1 creates a list of what constitutes your ideal role by finding answers to four key questions: 1. What you like to do 2. What motivates you 3. What you believe in 4. How you like and want to work.

  • We achieve this by first using a specially developed, and extremely focused, online psychometric test to provide accurate information in 3 key areas; identifying what really interests you in work, what motivates you and drives you at work, and your personality and its impact on your work choices, communication preferences and relationships with others.

  • Combining this data with your professional and personal values (the beliefs, mission, or philosophes that are really meaningful to you; and the behaviours and activities to which you are naturally drawn) allows us to compile a list of your ideal work preferences.

  • Finally we add a dose of "reality" into this "ideal" list; adding your requirements for how much you want/need to earn, and where, when and for whom you want/need to work. You will then be able to use this list as the basis for quickly establishing how any potential role compares to your "ideal" scenario.

Part 2 then identifies your ideal roles by using your skills and sector experiences/preferences in conjunction with my unique "Ideal Job Matrix".
  • Now we know what makes a job ideal for you, we now need to find out what your ideal job(s) might be. We first establish the skills you really have (experience shows that these key skills often aren't as obvious as they seem) and identify which of these might be transferable to other roles.

  • We then repeat the process for your industry sector expertise; identifying the expertise you have as well as which of these may be transferable to other sectors.

  • Knowing your ideal work scenario, and being clear on the skills and experiences you have, we are then in a position to identify exactly what your career choices are, by making use of your existing or newly developed skills within existing or new industry sectors.

  • For example, you could continue with a career within your existing areas of knowledge and competence, stay where you are in terms of industry sector and organisation and look for a shift in the type of job that you do, carry on with the job you do in a different sector or environment or throw caution to the wind and follow a long-held dream or passion!

I can help you to do all this in one of two ways...

1. Work with me one-to-one; for me to guide you through the process of identifying your Ideal Job.

  • The total cost for either 4 x 1 hour telephone/Skype video sessions or 2 x 2 hour face-to-face sessions (subject to location) is £1250+VAT

  • If you want me to help you identify your Ideal Job, get in touch for a free initial consultation.
  • Email or call me, Peter Bernard, on 01379 873 561.

2. Buy my What's My Ideal Job? E-Book for £75+VAT; for you to learn how to identify your Ideal Job on your own.

The What's My Ideal Job? E-Book contents are:
    Part 1: What Makes A Job Ideal?
  • What You Like To Do
  • What motivates you (Click here to see this section from the EBook)
  • What You Believe In - Your Personal Values
  • How You Like To Work
  • How Much, When And Where
  • Answer Page: What Makes A Job Ideal For Me
    Part 2: What Is My Ideal Job?
  • Your Skills
  • Your Industry Sector Experience
  • Your Ideal Job - The "Ideal Job Matrix" (Click here to see this section from the EBook)
  • Answer Page: Your Ideal Job

    Plus, when you buy the What's My Ideal Job? E-Book, you also get my "How do I find my Ideal Job? E-Book FREE! This includes:
  • "Not" networking (Click here to see this section from the How do I find my Ideal Job E-Book)
  • Direct approach
  • Adverts
  • Understanding and Using Recruitment companies
  • Action planning

Buy the What's My Ideal Job? E-Book, cost £75+VAT, which includes your FREE How do I find my Ideal Job E-Book.
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