Ideal CV

I was a headhunter for 5 years and you wouldn’t believe the CVs that I had to read! Short ones, long ones, badly laid out ones, miss-spelt ones, you name it, I saw it! The problem was, a bad CV meant I couldn’t easily work out if the person would be any good at the job for which they were applying, so guess what, I didn’t waste my time and I just moved onto the next CV.

So how do you create an Ideal CV that will get you that interview or networking meeting?

It's simple really; allow the reader to answer in his/her own mind within 15 seconds of looking at your CV the 2 following questions:

1. Why you want to do the job

2. Prove that you can do the job

Since 2002 I have helped over 2000 people to answer the above questions and create an Ideal CV that gets them the interview or networking meeting.

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