Ideal Job

What makes a job ideal for you will depend on a whole range of factors and needs that are unique to you. These include:

1. What you like to do

2. What motivates you in work

3. How you like to work

4. How much, when and where you want to work

5. Working with people that think and behave in a similar way to you

Once you've answered the above questions you then need to factor in what skills, experience and industry sector knowledge you have, or want to develop, to identify (using my unique "Ideal Job Matrix") your ideal roles.  

You're then ready to go and find your ideal roles, create an Ideal CV, hold an Ideal Interview and start working in your Ideal Job!

Since 2002 I have helped over 2000 people to understand what makes a job ideal for them, and to develop a networking/job search strategy to find their Ideal job. 

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